Amir Bakhtiar Sanjabi


I was born in Tehran , in 1975, in Sanjabi grandfather,asghar Bakhtiar Sanjabi, was the last chieftain of the large Sanjabi tribe , and his older brother was Dr. Karim Sanjabi.I was six years old , when my father family sought political asylum and migrated to the U.S. Hence, staying behind , I spent my childhood and adolescence with my mother , an artist and a painter, who cherished and cncouraged me. Due to the overflowing enthusiasm and love, which i felt for painting, I engaged in it from my childhood years. Later, along with my mother's support, and the guidance and help of the renowned painter Mr. Idin Aghdashloo, I began to learn how to paint professionally. In order to do so, I continously affended his classes. throughout the years and under his generous supevision, I began to learn different techniques and skills such as: water-colour, oil, acrylic and gouache painting; pastel and colour-pencil drawing. I have also studied Art History to further my knowledge and understanding of art. I started to study Mechanic Material Design at Islamic Azad University, Tehran Central Branch , in 1993 .Owing to the instense passion I felt towards art; painting,interior and environmental design and architecture, I goal. thus I began to work and get more experience. Consequently, throughout the years, I have established my self as an indiviidual designer; designing offices, tea-rooms, restaurants , houses, apartments, and outdoor environments as well as individual solo and group painting exhibitions.                                                                                   



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